Eriskay Pony Breeding Conference.

The Eriskay Pony Society is very pleased to announce that they will be holding an online breeding conference at the end of October to provide advice and support to all those interested in saving this critically rare native pony.

The society recently had a number of conversations with the Rare Breed Survival Trust discussing how best to preserve and promote the ponies as well as looking at ways to improve the genetic knowledge of the breed.  It was clearly identified that it was important to try and increase the numbers of foals being born each year and, whilst the use of the SPARKS programme to identify appropriate pairings was an important step forward, it was acknowledged that many owners did not intend to breed from their ponies and that the subsequent loss of genetic material was of great concern. 

It was felt that one of the issues stopping owners from breeding may be uncertainty and concern regarding the whole process, including the birth and ongoing care of a foal, and therefore the society should look at ways of providing this information.  As a result it was decided to hold an online breeding conference covering these topics with the opportunity for attendees to have their questions answered.

This conference had now been arranged and will be held on Thursday 28th October starting at 7pm.  It is being held via Zoom and is FREE to attend.  The program is as follows:

19.00             Intro by conference Chairman and Welcome by EPS Hon President, Professor Derek Knottenbelt.

19.05             Reasons you should breed.   (Christopher Price, CEO, RBST)

19.20             Are AI and other assisted reproductive technologies relevant to breeding native ponies?    (Jim Dukes.  Dukes Equine Vets)

19.35             Tales from an experienced breeder.  (Mary and Donald McGillivray)

19.50             Support available from EPS.    (Ruth McMinn,  EPS Secretary)

20.00             Q&A with all panellists.

20.30             Close.

If you would like to attend, please email and you will be sent the meeting link.  If you cannot join us on the evening, you can still ask your questions in advance by email.  All questions will be answered, either on the night or by follow up email.  Please try and join us for this informative event.

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