Breeding Grant

As with any breed, breeding from your Eriskay pony can be costly. To help with this we can offer the possibility of a breeding grant, supported by a number of generous benefactors, to help with breeding registered Eriskay ponies. Please note that applications must be received by the Society before the end of July each year.

In common with most breed societies we are required to prove ancestry in our stud book and we do this by DNA sampling of all breeding stock. For this reason, before you send your mare to a stallion, it is vitally important that you check that the stallion you are intending to use to has been DNA tested.

To qualify for an Eriskay Pony Society Breeding Grant, you must be a current member of the Society and your pony should be registered with EPS. To protect the long term viability of the breed and minimise inbreeding, the mare and stallion should also be an appropriate match as identified by SPARKS(Explanation) which gives a recommended breeding profile for every registered Eriskay pony.

Full details of the Breeding Grant can be found by following the link below or by contacting the breeding advisor,

Guidelines for Application for Eriskay Pony Society Breeding Grant

You can download a funding request form here or find it on our resources page.

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