Joining the EPS

Your support is vital in helping to protect and promote this versatile Scottish breed.

Join a great community of fellow enthusiasts.

Friendly advice, newsletters, events and much more.

What your membership will do

By joining the Society you will be helping preserve this critically endangered Scottish breed.  The Society works closely with the Rare Breed Survival Trust to explore and use the latest scientific developments to try and increase numbers in a genetically diverse population.

Membership rates are as follows and being a member gives you an equal say in the running of the Society, no matter where you stay.  Benefits also include;

  • substantial discount on most fees for the various services offered by the Society
  • access to the online studbook
  • regular newsletters
  • invitations to Society events
  • unrestricted access to advice and guidance on breeding including guidance on beneficial matches and those to be avoided.

    Membership fees.

Junior (under 18)£10Under 50£300
Adult£20Over 50£200
Couple£30Couple (either under 50)£500
Family£35Couple (both over 50)£300

                                  To join the Eriskay Pony Society please use the online membership application if possible (paper version below). Annual membership fees run from the date of joining until the same day the following year. To save paperwork, it would be much appreciated by the Society if you would set up a regular payment via BACS or Standing Order.

On-line Membership Application

Please use the ‘Pay with PayPal’ button below to pay for your membership. Please be assured that, although the link may call it a donation, the payment will be counted as being for the membership category chosen. You can also elect to donate to the Eriskay Pony Society which will support us in our work to preserve the breed and will be very much appreciated.


Membership fees can also be paid directly to the Society’s bank account via your bank’s online banking. If you wish to do this, please set this up as up as a recurring payment using the details below and put a note on the form that you have done this. 

Bank Account : Eriskay Pony Society

Sort Code : 80-05-68

Account no. :  00326678

Alternatively, complete a paper membership form and send it, along with a standing order form or cheque, to the Membership Secretary:

Mrs Fiona Misselbrook,  How Knowe,  Gifford, Haddington,  East Lothian.  EH41 4JS.

Membership Form:

Bank Standing Order:

Gift Aid allows the Society to boost our income by claiming 25% of the value of subscriptions made from the UK Government. If you are a UK taxpayer and wish to boost the income your subscription provides to the Society at no cost to yourself please complete the Gift Aid section of the membership form.

The Eriskay Pony Society is a Company Limited by Guarantee,

Registered in Scotland no.161020

Regd office : Farries, Kirk & McVean, Dumfries Enterprise Park, Heathhall, Dumfries, DG1 3SJ.

Recognised Scottish Charity No.SC024277   Give as You Earn Registration No. 000288774

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