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Eriskay Pony Health Survey 2021

As part of our ongoing efforts to learn and share information about the ponies we all know and love we’ve launched our Eriskay Pony Society Health Questionnaire. We’ll use the information gathered to help us provide information and support to owners and prospective owners and to allow us to identify whether the breed is any more or less susceptible to any common equine conditions.

We welcome your input even if you don’t own an eriskay at the moment and it’s open to everyone regardless of whether you belong to this Society or not.

You are also welcome to fill this in anonymously if you choose, however it would be very helpful if we could keep in touch with you to share the findings of the survey with you once it is complete. To help us keep in touch, simply add your name and email address at the end of the form

Take part in our survey

Annual General Meeting

We’ll be holding our Eriskay Pony Society AGM on 23 April 2021. Due to the ongoing Covid 19 restrictions, we will be running the meeting by on-line video conferencing which you can join by video or telephone.

It’s easy to register. Simply email to get a copy of the agenda, a meeting link and other appropriate documents.

Standing for Council

If you want to nominate someone to stand for Council we will be accepting nominations for Council in advance only. You should accompany your nomination with details the necessary proposer and seconder

Questions for Council

IF you have any questions you’d like to raise at the AGM please submit them in advance, at least 5 days before the date of the meeting.

Performance Trophy

This year we will be running our Performance Trophy although the show schedule over the country is still very much in doubt. Online shows will count towards points and the judges will reward members who prove inventive in coming up with ways of getting their ponies out and seen. If in doubt, give it a go.

The Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST) Watchlist

The RBST has just published its Watchlist for 2021 along with the Watchlist report. The report highlights the situation facing the Eriskay pony and states ”Conservation efforts in 2021 will again be on focussed on the perilously rare Eriskay, a versatile pony with a superb temperament”. The report further states ”Some equine breeds remain particularly vulnerable and without the ability to freeze embryos successfully, the “living Gene Bank” of horses and ponies in the hands of dedicated breeders is especially important”. To find ou tmore about the RBST and the Watchlist, please go to

Lochinvar, Foal & “Shu”

Breeding Grants

We run a Breeding Grants scheme which provides Members with financial and practical help to encourage and support them to breed ponies. You can find out more about the Breeding Grants here and contact our breeding advisor on or for further advice and guidance.

Information regarding Covid 19

Owners of Eriskay ponies who experience difficulties in caring for their ponies during the current national emergency situation can contact the following Eriskay Pony Society Council members for advice. 


Yvonne Evans…

Tel 01246-810456


Judith Harris…  


Mary McGillivray…

Lorna Holden…

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