Meet the Eriskay

Contact us and find out where you can meet the breed and the people who care for them.

Members of the Society, throughout the country, are keen to introduce you to their ponies. 

Come and visit them………


Doonies Rare Breed Farm is situated on the South side of Aberdeen and is one of only two RBST approved conservation farm parks in Scotland. It has a collection of UK rare and Native breed farm animals including English Longhorn cattle, Greyface Dartmoor sheep, Oxford, Sandy and Black pigs and has 2 Eriskay pony mares, Rhona and Misty. Please check their Facebook and Instagram for further information! You can find them by searching ‘Doonies Rare Breeds farm’.


Donald and Mary McGillivray live in West Perthshire and have been breeding Eriskay ponies for forty years. They have a small herd of ponies including mares and geldings, all very much ‘people ponies’. Visitors interested in seeing typical Eriskays, with the opportunity to learn more about the breed, are most welcome. Contact Donald and Mary by e-mail


Ruth McMinn lives just outside Inverurie and has a small herd of Eriskays including a gelding, 3 mares and a youngster. Ruth has done Endurance, Dressage and Showing with her ponies and she is currently looking after the stallion owned by the Society, Whitney Harrier. Ruth would be pleased to welcome visitors to see and speak about the ponies and can be contacted on


Our first Eriskay, Peewit, arrived as a five year old and we have had great fun riding and breeding from her ever since. She is still full of life and a great companion for our stallion Staffa who has visiting mares in the summer. We also kept one of her foals, Merlin, for the grandchildren and friends to ride and drive. Eriskays are real family ponies, great characters, big hearted but very naughty. Anyone interested would be most welcome to visit us. Contact


We are in New Quay, West Wales. I have not long been breeding Eriskays, with my first foal born last year and, as we have retired from our dairy farm, breeding rare breeds is keeping me involved with animals which is an essential part of my life. I have always had an interest in breeding and promoting rare breeds and I also keep a couple of rare breed Golden Guernsey goats and two Pembrokeshire Corgis. Contact me either by phone 01545 561215 or email

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