The Eriskay Pony – the ultimate 4 x4

Strong, rugged and built for all terrain.

Go anywhere

If you are going to do it, do it on an Eriskay…

Eriskay ponies are extremely strong for their size and have terrific stamina being able to carry a light adult with ease.  They are athletic, nimble and are used in almost every equine discipline but particularly excel in Endurance, Trec, Jumping, Pony Club, Cross Country, Driving as well as just hacking out.  On this page, some of our members showcase what they and their ponies get up to.  Remember, if you are going to do it, do it on an Eriskay, your friendly 4 x 4…….

I am fortunate enough to live in a beautiful part of Scotland and to keep Eriskay ponies! I take my pony, Braincroft Thrift, to a number of events but our favourite activity is to get out into the countryside and explore with friends, or on my own. I belong to a BHS access group, going on rides of varying lengths and difficulty. Thrift always keeps up with bigger horses and amazes others by her stamina for a 12.3 hh pony. Mounting and dismounting is not a problem! We have taken part in all the Eriskay Treks.

You and your Eriskay will go on the adventures of your dreams. Athletic and nimble on steep terrain, ambling gently along grassy tracks, crossing rivers and enjoying the views.

Take your Eriskay out and about, in company or on your own. You can trust an Eriskay to take you wherever you want to go. Go on, do it on an Eriskay, your friendly 4 x 4

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